Robert F.H. Fischer

Precoding and Signal Shaping for Digital Transmission

Robert F.H. Fischer:
Precoding and Signal Shaping for Digital Transmission
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 2002. 500pp, ISBN 0471 22410 3 


1. Introduction
1.1 The Structure of the Book
1.2 Notation and Definitions
2. Digital Communications via Linear, Distorting Channels
2.1 Fundamentals and Problem Description
2.2 Linear Equalization
2.3 Noise Prediction and Decision-Feedback Equalization
2.4 Summary of Equalization Strategies and Discrete-Time Models
2.5 Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Estimation
3. Precoding Schemes
3.1 Preliminaries
3.2 Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding
3.3 Flexible Precoding
3.4 Summary and Comparison of Precoding Schemes
3.5 Finite-Word-Length Implementation of Precoding Schemes
3.6 Nonrecursive Structure for Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding
3.7 Information-Theoretical Aspects of Precoding
4. Signal Shaping
4.1 Introduction to Shaping
4.2 Bounds on Shaping
4.3 Shell Mapping
4.4 Trellis Shaping
4.5 Approaching Capacity by Equiprobable Signaling
5. Combined Precoding and Signal Shaping
5.1 Trellis Precoding
5.2 Shaping Without Scrambling
5.3 Precoding and Shaping under Additional Constraints
5.4 Geometrical Interpretation of Precoding and Shaping
5.5 Connection to Quantization and Prediction
A Wirtinger Calculus
A.1 Real and Complex Derivatives
A.2 Wirtinger Calculus
A.3 Gradients
B Parameters of the Numerical Examples
B.1 Fundamentals of Digital Subscriber Lines
B.2 Single-Pair Digital Subscriber Lines
B.3 Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines
C Introduction to Lattices
C.1 Definition of Lattices
C.2 Some Important Parameters of Lattices
C.3 Modifications of Lattices
C.4 Sublattices, Cosets, and Partitions
C.5 Some Important Lattices and Their Parameters
D Calculation of Shell Frequency Distribution
D.1 Partial Histograms
D.2 Partial Histograms for General Cost Functions
D.3 Frequencies of Shells
E Precoding for MIMO Channels
E.1 Centralized Receiver
E.2 Decentralized Receivers
E.3 Discussion
F List of Symbols, Variables, and Acronyms