Channel Coding [ChCo]

  • Lecture and Tutorial:
  • Dr. Clemens Stierstorfer

  • Prerequisites:
  • Digital Communications, Information Theory

  • Organisation:
  • 4 class hours per week (3 class hours lecture and 1 class hour tutorial)

    summer semester

  • Time and Venue:
  • See UnivIS

  • ECTS Information:
  • ECTS credits: 5

  • Contents:
    1. Introduction and Moditvation
    2. Block Coding and Decodierung: maximum a-posteriori and maximum likelihood decoding, bounded minimum distance decoding
    3. Linear Block Codes: definition, characteristics, error probability and coding gain, syndrom decoding
    4. Cyclic Block Codes: modular arithmetic, generator and parity polynomial, encoding, syndrom decoding
    5. Galois Fields (Introduction): fields, extension fields, minimal polynomial, Fourier transform in Galois fields
    6. BCH and RS Codes: definition, introduction into algebraic decoding, applications: CD, DVD
    7. Convolutional Codes: discrete systems, optimal decoding of trellis codes
    8. Turbo Codes, LDPC Codes and Iterative Decoding: basics, BCJR algorithm
  • References:
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  • Additional Information:
  • A lecture manuscript will be handed out in class.

  • Exam:
  • Please contact Dr. C. Stierstorfer (phone: 09131 / 85-27668, email: clemens.stierstorfer @ fau.de) for further information.