Optimization of the digital aeronautical communication system LDACS1


Project Processing: Martin Hirschbeck
Project Funding: iAd GmbH
Duration: 06/11 -- 03/13
Keywords: LDACS, DLR, Eurocontrol, air traffic control


Currently analogue techniques are used for the radio communication between airplanes and air traffic control.


But the air traffic rises rapidly and the capacity of these systems is limited. As a result in the post 2020 years new solutions for the radio communication are needed. Digital communication systems outperform the analogue ones regarding bandwidth efficiency. The digital communication system LDACS1 is the most promising candidate for this issue. LDACS1 is based on OFDM with 50 sub carriers and a total bandwidth of 500 kHz per channel. Its focus is on data communication. In this project a comprehensive simulation platform of the LDACS1 system shall be implemented including transmitter, channel, interference szenarios and receiver.

Especially the physical and the MAC layers are considered. Since the system performance depends on the used techniques, several potential techniques are implemented, evaluated and the best ones are selected. As LDACS1 is planned to work as an inlay system, a focus of the project is the successful co-existence with other communication systems in the L-Band.

Major Goals

  • Development of a simulation setup in Matlab
  • Simulation of aeronautical radio channel
  • Consideration of interferences inside L-Band
  • Optimization of the receiver

Persons Involved

Project Members

iAd GmbH, DLR, Eurocontrol